VBA HTML Conversion Code for Excel

Excel to HTML Conversions

The macros below convert an Excel range to a HTML Table. Most formating, including merged cells, bold, italic and many colors are preserved. Font size, row & column hight are ignored. I may add those at a later date. The main advantages to my macros over the SAVE AS HTML option built into recent versions of Excel are speed of conversion, preservation of your current file definition after the save, and smaller HTML documents. The amount of formatting preserved is about the same.

This code is Care Ware! You may use it and adapt it for free in return for doing something nice for anyone (that includes you). I'd appreciate Email at charlie@balch.org describing how you use this code and any adjustments that you have made. Redistribute at will.

Please leave my name in the original source comments.


Here is a macro that calls the above macros, then FTPs the results. This macro uses WinSCP.


  • On-line gradesheet updated with a single click.
  • My historical PC configuration - I cheated on this one by putting the IMG tag on the Excel worksheet.

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